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Biological cleanning

Biological cleanning

We can provide biological deep cleanning. Call us and we'll be happy to assist.

Eco friendly

Eco friendly

We only use eco friendly cleanning products. The environment is a top priority to us so we never resort to 'magic' recipes. We NEVER mix bleaches and detergents to avoid creating dangerous fumes and other harmfull byproducts.

Professional grade

Biological cleanning

We only use professional grade cleanning agents and products that have stand the test of time and have prooven their value in the market. We NEVER cut cost by using use unamed, unknown or new cleanning and sanitation products.

Services we provide


We can clean your house inside out. We handle vaccumming, dusting and mopping all indoor floors, horizontal surfaces and windows; in all rooms, kitchens and toilets as well as other areas such as patios, gardens, ... etc. Biological deep cleanning is also available.



We can clean your appartment to your satisfaction. We handle vaccumming, dusting and mopping the floors, horizontal surfaces and windows; in all rooms, kitchens, toilets as well as other areas such as balconies and roof, ... etc. Biological deep cleanning is also available.



We provide floor and window cleanning for business and shop owners. Sidewalk and entrance cleanning, floor vaccuming and mopping, surface dusting and cleanning, toilet cleanning and sanitation, office dusting and cleanning and window cleanning.



We can provide our services for certain government buildings such as town halls and others. This service is contract based.



Both private and public schools are an area that we can cover as well. We can satisfy the needs for a clean, safe and enjoyable environment for both children and teachers to be. This service is provided based on a contract that specifically states the tasks and the frequency of the services provided. Please contact us and we'll be happy to assist you.



Building owners or tenants ca rely on us to keep the public areas of their building clean and beautiful. We clean and mop the floors, stairs, elevators, entrance as well as washing the windows. We can also handle outside areas such as the parking lots, gardens, patios, gates and sidewalk.


Yachts & Boats

Cleanning your yacht is a pleasure for us. Whether a permanent resident or just visiting Greece, give us a call. We'll be happy to clean the cabins, deck and any other area inside your precious princess!


Cars & Vehicles

If you're a vehicle owner and want somthing special for your car, call us. We have it shinning spotless inside and out. For cetrain types of cabin materials we can also provide biological deep cleanning with astonishing results.


Linen & Furniture

If you have linen covered furniture, matrices, fixed pillows, we can arrange for a biological deep cleanning you won't believe your eyes! Call us and we can arrange it.


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